The booking status field is not compulsory. However, filling this field gives a better overview in Dormbook and in the listings.

A booking is provisional if it is not finalized yet. Plug in the reminder date the deadline by which you should rework this booking.
Advice: Beds tentatively reserved can no more be booked online.
All bookings in "provisional" status are coded in the booking overview according to the color palette by gender and arrival date with a lighter color than for confirmed bookings.

The "fixed" status indicate that this booking can not be shifted to any other room (e.g.: a guest requested a very specific room).
Therefore, this booking can not be modified in the booking overview with the function "optimize room plan". Changes can be done in the contextual menu in the Edit booking dialogue box.
All bookings with the "fixed" status are indicated in the booking overview with a darker color shade of the gender and arrival date color palette.

This stautus can be attributed via the context menu (right click in booking) in the booking overview so that the dialogue Edit booking can no more be opened.
Depending from the preferences set-up in the Online Administration, a change of status to "checked-in" may bring to your attention if that booking has not been paid in full yet.
Clicking "OK" in the dialogue allows the change of status to be implemented.

The hostel direction is able to define one or several of the following fields that need to be filled as requirements for the change of status to happen, such as the guest's country of residence, nationality, passport number or date of birth. The definition is made in the Online Administration.
A dialogue box opens if the conditions to allow a change of status are not fulfilled. After you agree with the warning, the dialogue Edit booking opens automatically.

No show
When the status "no show" is selected, the booking is reduced to one night and the beds status shifts to "empty". In this way, the guest is charged one overnight stay and his data is not lost. However, no overnight stay is added to the statistics count.
The credit card details remain saved for an additional 10 days in the guest file.
Advice for the additional services:

Additonal services calculated "per person" or "per person and per night" set the system automatically for 0.

Additonal services calculated "per night" set the system automatically for 1 (price multiplied by 1). If they should not be included, the additional services need to be changed manually.

This status can be set-up in the booking overview through the contextual menu (right click on the booking) so that it becomes impossible to open the dialogue box edit booking.

With "check-out + e-mail" the status will be changed to checked-out and an e-mail will be sent to the customer. This e-mail out of the booking sheets can be defined in the Online Administration.

The conditions for a change of status are that the booking must have been paid in full. If such is not the case, an alert will make you aware of it before the dialogue box edit booking automatically opens.

A cancelled booking (erased) is not shown anymore on the booking, but remains in the system. Its status is not set via any list in the drop-down menu but by clicking on the special button "cancel".

Cancelled bookings can be erased from the Online Administration (Data: Reservations:- bookings - history) in two ways:
“Delete Reservation (permanent)”: The booking is only shown in the Online Administration.
“Hide history”: The booking is not visible anymore, even not in the Online Administration.