Resolve double booking

In Offline mode, DormBook does not communicate with the interface anymore, which could lead to double booking. Therefore, as soon as the internet connection is re-established, DormBook checks all the new bookings to verify that no bed had been double booked. If double booking is found, DormBook's background turns orange. In addition, a button indicating "warning double booking" is displayed on the screen Toolbar.

Solve conflict

In case of double booking, the program decides to which booking the bed(s) should be attributed. The other booking will not be shown in the booking overview.

To resolve the conflict(s), click on "solve conflict" in the toolbar. The conflict dialogue box opens (see above) tabulating the bookings for which beds are missing. Click "open" to select the booking you wish to work on.

Lines corresponding to beds already booked are shown without bed number and in orange in theedit booking dialogue box.

Attribute new beds to the booking via the contextual menu in "edit beds lists".