A booking consists of a guest, of a chosen number of beds, an arrival date, a length of stay, a booking status and a booking channel as well as a list of payments that the guest has made.

Additional services defined by the hostel (e.g. breakfast, beddings etc.) can also be booked.

Each bed linked to a booking can be defined in terms of gender (female, male, mixed, empty), age group (according to your definition) and rate (pre-defined or manual).

Distinctive feature:
If a bed is marked empty, it is not taken into account in the statistics as “night” or “arrival” and its price is set to zero. If a booking is given the status “No show”, all the beds it contains are marked as "empty" and the length of stay is reduced to 1 night. In this way, the remaining data are not lost and can be retrived when/if needed.