Why is the phone number of an online booking not saved in DormBook?
→ Define first a field in guest-details called “Phone” (no longer or shorter name). See more.

Why are bed prices for private rooms not given in DormBook?
→ Give to the additional unused beds in the room the status of “empty bed”. more

How are new versions of Dormbook installed?
→ Go to “Extras – Updates”. You will receive a message if a new version is available.

How to treat conflict e-mails?
→ Open the reservation concerned whose number is to be found in the e-mail, in DormBook. Click on the button “Add bed”. A list of all currently available beds is displayed. Choose a suitable bed and check the price. Now, this reservation contains enough beds for the duration in question.

What prompts the e-mails “RE: DormBook: Booking save error (…)”?
→ Each booking contains the date (and time stamp) of the last time the booking was modified. A booking opened in DormBook is given a time stamp, which is sent to and saved on the server. If two users work at the same time on the same booking, conflict can happen: there is discrepancy between the time when data was sent by DormBook to the server and the time for the saved data in the database. The various changes are not lost but sent in the body of an e-mail instead of saved.

To minimize the number of times this situation happens, we would recommend the following:
- either set up in the Online Administration (A) that a booking can be opened in only one place at a time.
- or try to save and close the bookings as soon as possible, for example if you are interrupted in the middle of your work by something else to do. The least time a booking is left open, the least probability there is for someone else to want to do some changes to the same booking.