Define view

The dialogue User-defined viewcan be set up on the menu View: Create View or by clicking on the Toolbar.

The access rights to define views have to be set in the configuration under Hostel: DormBook: DormBook options.

It is possible to define a view corresponding to each of the 18 function keys and their combination with Ctrl (F1 to F9 and Ctrl F1 to Ctrl F9) and to navigate between the views by pressing the corresponding key. These user-defined views are also available in the View menu. The user-defined views and their shortcuts apply to all workstations.
When DormBook is re-started, the view show is the one corresponding to F1.

Regarding the definition, generate the desired view, choose a definition of F-key or combination of F-keys and enter a description in the appropriate field (on the right – without entering text the view will not be saved). By entering another name, you can rename an existing view. Further, you can remove a view by clicking on “Delete view”.

When you use the defined F-keys or combination of F-keys, the view adjust itself without changing the date. When the SHIFT button is held while the F-keys or combination of F-keys are typed, the beginning date of the overview adjusts in accordance with the beginning date when it was saved until the present day.

The date range can be displayed on the horizontal axis of the booking overview. It is not recommended to display more than 30 days.

Rooms can be shown on the vertical axis of the booking overview. If no room category or rooms are selected, all beds are displayed.

Display bed information defines if the additional information for each bed is shown or not in the bed line.

The field Display extra beds indicates whether the additional beds should be visible online in the overview.

The checkbox Display booking information determines whether information (booking status, abbreviations of supplement services booked, guest name, booking number) should be shown on the graphical booking overview. If this option is not selected, the height for the beds' row is reduced so that all beds can be seen without having to scroll down.

Show room color defines if the text color should be connected with the rooms color codes. Another option is to use the color corresponding to the user-defined room categories.

The column width is adjusted to the current window size.