Booking overview

The booking overview displays the following information graphically:

Date line

Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) are shown in darker.
Today is shown in red.
Special days such as Christmas, national holidays, background information are shown in blue.
The two figures show the number of overnight stays, as well as the number of free beds (including extra beds).

Status line : If the mouse pointer is located over the date line, the status bar shows e.g. \"LN: 3, free beds:55, extra beds: 12 -> Easter\".
\"LN: 3\" means that three overnights have been booked for this date. \"Easter\" is the text note describing the special day.

Row Information

Each row represents a bed or an extra bed.
The text color represents the room category or the room "color", depending from which configuration has been chosen in Configure view.

It is possible to add optional notes for each bed.

Additional beds are shown in darker color. We recommend using the last letters of the alphabet to name the additional beds. They are visible only if the view is defined accordingly.


Occupied beds are shown with a colored bar. The name of the guest and the booking number (a unique code) are shown.

Bookings written with grey text (instead of black) show that the booking was done over the internet.

The background colors for bookings can be set in 4 different ways:
The 4 color choices emphasize either:
- Gender
- Arrival - Booking source
- Agent
The legend always says what which color represents.

The system shows the booking status with a sign put before the guest's name:
! Status: Checked-in
^ Status: Checked-out
$ Paid
* Important
-> Change room

Between the status symbol and names are abbreviations for the additional services chosen. The hostel defines the abbreviations as needed in the Online Administration.

If the reminder date of a booking is past, the booking colors changes.

If a bed you select is part of a group booking, all the other elements of the booking are displayed in grey to give you a better overview of the group booking.