Menu Tools → Local settings

Display: If you would like to have a smaller line height in the bed overview, choose “Compact table views”. Furthermore you can define if not selected reservations should be displayed in gray, if reservation should be allowed to move evn if marked as fix, as well as if the group reservation dialoge should be displayed in landscape mode.
General: Define here, if the standard booking sheet for online bookings needs to be printed automatically from this workstation.

Connection: The path to the installed PDF reader can also be set up for each workstation.

Payment types: Select the payment types to be available on this station.

Hardware:Please select the checkbox if a passport scanner is connected. A click on "Configuration Passport Reader" stats the configuration program (Camel Tools) on Windws computers. Please also use the Calibration passport scanner function to make sure, everything works as expected. The manual (pdf) can be opend within the Calibration passport scanner dialoge.


Menu ? → About DormBook

The station name can be changed here by any user who has the DormBook login level for “manually set the time for payments”. The station name will be changed when closing the dialogue – without asking if it should be saved or not. There has to be set a name (empty field cannot be saved).

Note for Windows 8: The local folder is listed as C:\\ProgramData\\DormBook. However, the database files lie in C:\\Users\\[myuser]\\AppData\\Local\\VirtualStore\\ProgramData\\DormBook.