Joint bookings

We recommend to group together bookings that are linked one with another. For example:

Guests change their room during their stay.

Members of the group do not all arrive and/or depart at the same time.

The group qualifies for a discount for one of the nights.

For bookings grouped together, an additional field can be added to the edit booking dialogue window by clicking on the designated symbol below.

Overview of grouped bookings


The button "insert booking" allows to group with the booking another already existing booking. Simply enter the booking number in the appropriate field and click.


Overview list of grouped bookings: Booking number, number of people, arrival date, number of nights, total price and elements of billing still in progress.


This function deletes one booking from the group.


this function allows to split a booking into two or more separate bookings. The split can be done according to arrival date, by room or by person/bed.


This function restores all the prices in all the bookings of the group to the default values set in Online Administration.


General total for the group or total of the amount still due for the whole group.


The total payment as well as part payments of a group can be processed here. The payments are booked to the persons from top to down. For individual guest payments and payment text, process individually each payment for each booking (see on the right side).


When the function "show all" is selected, all bookings of the group, including the cancelled ones are shown in the booking overview list.


Button cancels the whole group