Text blocks

Text blocks are building blocks used both in DormOnline and in the confirmation e-mails sent to the customers.

The number of text blocks which can be created is not limited. We recommend giving to each block a name describing precisely its contents (including the language in which it is written).

A few text blocks are given as example. Feel free to adapt them to your needs.

To edit an existing text block, click on the pen symbol. To erase it, click on the red X. To modify the order in which the texts are displayed, click on the arrow next to their description (in overview). This is the only way to define the order in which the texts building blocks appear.

If you wish to create a new text block, click on “Add entry” under the list of text blocks. The block's title and language need to be defined first. Save these properties. The text block can then be opened to receive its content.

Helpful hints on how to edit the contents of text blocks are available here.

When all the text blocks have been edited, the next step consists of defining which texts should appear in the Homepage and which ones in the E-Mails. A same text block can be used in both locations (homepage and e-mails).