Online texts

“Online: DormOnline: Online texts” defines the text blocks displayed on the homepage and which steps in the booking process they are assigned to. The online booking takes place over several pages/screens.

The list below is pre-filled for German and English.

For hostels located in Germany we have a special booking text for DormOnline in accordance to the German law. Please ask us for this special setting if you are located in Germany.

Text blocks belonging to the Title category are shown on every page between the hostel's general information and the guest's data input.

Step 1
On the first page the guest fills in his/her details: date, number of nights, number of people, gender.

Step 2
On the second page the guest chooses the room category and the additional services. The text blocks linked to this group are shown under the total amount.

Step 3
On the third page the guest fills in his/her personal details (including credit card number).

Not available
Put on this page the text that should be displayed if no room is available to fit the requests of a guest as described in step 1.

Delete booking
Put on this page the text that should be displayed when a guest has deleted a booking.

Put on this page the text that should be displayed when an error has occured during the entry of the booking.


Click on the pen symbol for the attribution of one or several text blocks. A list of text blocks is shown. Choose by ticking the boxes which text blocks should be assigned to this group. Pay attention to the language. The order in which text blocks appear is defined in “Online: DormOnline: Text blocks”.