HI Hostels

It is recommended to connect the interface to your own homepage (DormOnline) prior to connecting it to the hihostels interface.
The connection to hihostels is done with the following steps:
If not yet done, register your hostel with hihostels.

Let your contact person at hihostel know that you would like to set-up the connection with Alixon.

Send us at (info@dormproject.ch) a list of all your room categories and codes for the rooms and let us know to which room category they correspond in DormProject.

In the same e-mail, could you provide us with answers to the following questions:
- what % commission does hihostels charge you?
- should the commission appear as an additional charge on the guests' invoice? - which price should be displayed in DormBook (before or after tax, with or without the commission?)
- should the commission be invoiced to you in DormBook? If yes, which mode of payment should be set-up?
- which currency is defined by default in the back office?

We will set-up the connection together with hihostels and contact you should any question arise.

After you receive an e-mail from us, enter in “Online Administration - Online - Online Groups” the Portal/room categories combination that you wish to have for hihostels.