Before connecting the interfaces, please verify the following settings:

1. Room

Check in the Online Administration under “Hostel – Rooms” all the rooms you wish to make available online through any of the interfaces. Verify that the option “online” is activated. We recommend when verifying room properties to check at the same time the online availability and the gender status assignment. A list of the different alternatives is described on the page Rooms online.

For single rooms, defining the gender or online status has no impact (exception for the status: room not sold online).

In most cases, either “Women only” or “All” is chosen. The suitable setting depends on the concept of your hostel: If you have already defined any rooms as “Women only”, then you better choose for the other rooms “Mixed”. Consider please that by using the setting “All” a room is defined by the first booking for the relevant period as “Women only”, “Men only” or “Mixed”.

2. Rates

Verify your rates in the Online Admininistraion under “Hostel – Rates”. Assign 0 to rooms in which beds are sold individually. Additional information on setting up the rates per beds.

Verify afterwards that the rates displayed in calendar are defined for the appropriate date range.