Basic settings

Some of the basic settings for DormOnline are defined under “Online: DormOnline”.

To change an insertion, click on the pen symbol. An example or explanation is generally given under the field to fill in.

We recommend verifying and, when necessary, modifying the following fields:

Hostel name and Hostel name 2.
These fields are displayed on the upper side of the screen during the booking process.

Homepage URL
Address of your Hostel website (e.g.

Contact e-mail
E-Mail where copies of the booking confirmation are sent.

Bookings URL
Verify that the link contains the correct hostel login name. If you prefer, you can instead insert your hostel homepage address.

Return address
E-mails sender address.
To insert the sender address “loginname of the hostel” instead of for the booking confirmation you need to insert any e-mail address in the field “Email 2” under the folder “Tools”.

Credit cards
List all the type of credit cards which your guests can use to pay. If no credit card is indicated, online booking is not possible.

CVV anti-fraud security number
Should the CVV anti-fraud three digits security number be optional or compulsory for online booking?

Creating new guest
Should there always be a new guest created when filling a guest file?

Gender choice
Here is where the gender choice properties are set-up for online booking.

Maximum group size
Limit the amount of people who can book online as a group.

FlexBooking tool
Only for hostels offering the FlexBooking tool online. To complete, follow the explanations under each field.

Last new reservation
Until how close to the current date are the last bookings accepted? Note that this date applies only to the DormOnline interface. Only whole numbers, no decimals.

Last change/cancellation
Until what date can the booking be changed/cancelled without penalties applied?

Last minute beginning and end
During the “last minute” period, the settings of “Keep Free” are no more valid. This period can begin and/or end anytime before or after the last new booking date (see above). Note that this “last minute” properties apply only to the DormOnline interface.

Time zone
Please select the time zone out of the drop-down list in which your hostel is in (the name of the time zone does not correspond in any case with the name of your locality).

Main Currency/Currency 1/Currency 2
DormProject allows the use of one main currency and up to two additional other currencies. The additional currencies are shown to the guest for information purposes only. Complete the exchange rate field. It is the hostel's responsibility to adjust the exchange rate when it varies. A note that exchange rates are subject to change will be displayed in the online booking.
If you have no need of additional currencies, simply leave the corresponding fields empty.
In addition, you choose how foreign currency prices will be displayed. The formula after currency symbol starts with the % symbol and ends with the letter f:
To show one digit after the comma, indicate %0.1f
To show two digits after the comma, indicate %0.2f
Please note that the way euros are displayed can not be modified as this is the reference currency used by the interface.

Homepage color palette
The remaining fields (indicated after “Background”) define the colors used in the online booking homepage. The easiest way to choose and modify the colors is to select them in the drop-down menu under room or room category. Color codes must be preceded by the # symbol.