Online groups

The online groups define which room is sold under which conditions and through which internet portal. They are defined under the link “Online – Online Groups”.

To edit an existing online group, click on “Edit Portals”.

To define the conditions for a new combination of room category/interface, click on “Add Entry”. To edit it, click on the pen symbol. To erase it, click on the red X.

The information is defined in the filter: choose what you wish to see displayed from the drop-down menu.


Choose the web portal and the room category from the drop-down menu.

Amount allocated
This field defines the maximum number of beds in a given room category available per day for sale via the interface. If you would rather like to not put any maximum, fill in “0” in the corresponding field.

Beds reserve
This parameter allows you to define a minimum number of beds in each room category that needs to be kept free: the interface will sell only the beds available over these thresholds. This function can be useful to keep a “reserve” of enough beds available for people who walk in without booking.

We recommed that you choose only one of those two funtions (amount allocated or bed reserve).

Minimum and maximum length of stay
HostelsClub does not take into account these parameters.

Click on the “Save” button to save the data entered.

The next step is to edit the individual rooms.