It is recommended to connect the interface to your own homepage (DormOnline) prior to connecting it to the Hostelworld (HW) interface.

The connection to HW is done with the following steps:

If not yet done, register your hostel with HW. Your login (Hostel code number, user name and password) will be sent to you within a few days. You can then login at and set-up or edit your profile. Fill your rooms with their rates under Beds & Prices - Room Setup. We recommend that you fill in values slightly higher than your actual prices as these rates would be used only if the interface is not working or for bookings in a distant future (in more than 9 months).

Create an additional user for Hostelworld which will be needed for the interface.

Send us an e-mail ( stating that you would like to connect to the interface. Could you send us at the same time the following information:
- your hostel code for HW
- your user name for HW (see 2.)
- your password for HW (see 2.)
and provide us with answers to the following questions:
- should the commission appear as an additional charge on the guests' invoice? - which price should be displayed in DormBook (before or after tax, with or without the commission?)
- should the commission be invoiced to you in DormBook? If yes, which mode of payment should be set-up?

We will use this information for the set-up to be done on our side and will contact you shortly after.

After you receive an e-mail from us, enter in the Online Administration under «Online: Online Groups» the Portal/room categories combinations that you wish to have for HW.

It is often useful to do the last set-up fine tuning and test run of your interface with your contact person over the phone or skype.
When all the settings are done, go to the Online Administration under «Online - Online Groups - Hostelworld Functions» and click on the button «Start Interface» to activate the connection.

For further information in English, see the Online Administration under “Home: Schulungsvideo-Agent (HW/HB) Integration”. The password for the video can be found on the upper side of the page (between the title and the first video).

Cancel bookings

You can cancel a booking on Hostelworld by entering the booking's Hostelworld ID (property ID and booking number) into the relevant field and clicking on “Check”. In the next step, the booking number of DormBook is listed and you can confirm the cancellation.