In order to use DormOnline with one or several agents, your hostel needs to dispose of the traditional price plan (without booking fee). The following steps lead to the setup:

Enter a new agent in the Online Administration under “Agents: Edit agents”. In the field “Email” you can enter the address to which booking confirmations are sent. In the next section with the drop-down menu you can define, whether these e-mails are received by “(0) guests only; (1) guests and agent; (2) agent only”.

Afterwards you define a new contract under “Agents: Contracts”. The commission entered in the field “Commission link” is only used for the reports “Invoice agent (commission)” and “Invoice agent (net)”.

If you click on “Link” in the column “DormOnline” after having saved the newly entered information, you will see four links for the English and German versions of the booking website. Using the links in the first section “URL Booked by Agent (Booking Channel: Agent)” booking without a credit card is possible (declaration of all personal data is compulsory). The links in the second section allow booking with credit card (without verification).