Agents: Contracts

Under «Agents: Contracts» the settings for a specific agent are made (interface connection to a portal).

Under “Booked by Agent” the following settings are made:
- Commission booking (per cent; negative values: in main currency)
- Commission on top of price: yes/no
- CC Booking fee (credit cards; via DormOnline, BWH): yes/no
- Down payment: choose «Book net price» or «Book gross price» or a payment type
- Booking without credit card: yes/no

Under “Booked on agents website”:
- Commission link (considered ony in reports)
- Color

You can define a color per contract. These colors are considered in DormBook. The default color is displayed on top of the list. If no color is defined, the default color is displayed.

In order to display the new defined colors in DormBook, you need to restart DormBook or choose “Tools: Download database” in the menu.
In the legend of Agents view all agents for which a color is defined, are displayed.