Hostel texts


The footer has 3 blocks of "conditions" - which information do you want to view? 

The 3 text blocks listed below (Condition 1, 2, and 3) contain a structured text (see below). We recommend starting with a heading. 

Text type: "Condition 1"
-> h1. Credit card 

If the system charges the guest at the time of booking (Priceplan b25), the system add the following text to the first block after the heading: 

"As a guarantee for the online reservation, we require valid credit card details, in advance we only charge a booking fee of CHF 2.00." 

The currency and the amount are adjusted according to the current settings. 

Text type: "Condition 2"
-> h1. No-show 

Text type: "Condition 3"
-> h1. Cancellation policy 

The third block also contains some automatic information: 
"Cancellations and changes to the reservation are allowed up to 8 hours before arrival without any costs. This is possible at any time online at" 

Link and the hours before arrival are automatically taken over from the information of the hostels.

Change Cancellation conditions

Changes to the contents of the cancellation conditions are recorded in the Online Administration under "Online" -> "DormOnline". 

For example, 14 days correspond to 336 hours (currently only possible in hours) - but under these conditions in the "free text" you can still mention that it is 14 days.

Further texts on booking navigation

Which text should appear after the additional service has been selected? 

Text type: "Book now" -> Text (example): "Book now"

Which text should appear after the guest information has been entered and before the payment information is requested? 

Text type: "Book-Next"
-> Text (example): "Go to next step"

Do you want users to click on a checkbox to accept the booking? Which text would you like next to this checkbox? 

Text type: "Payment-read" -> Text (example): "I confirm that the booking is paid and that I could see the final price"

Title confirmation page

A text block is displayed on the confirmation page 

Text type: "Booking confirmation" -> Text (example): "Thank you for your booking"


Coordinate width, length in decimal format: eg ... -5.214569 

Entry in the DormOnline Administration under Extras -> Latitude / Longitude

Confirmation page

Any number of additional information can be added below the map. Each section is a text block. If the text block begins with a heading (h1), the title is displayed in the left column 

Text type: "Confirmation information" 

For example, text input for the figure below: 

H1. Arrival Information 
H1. Location 

* Reception opening hours from 07:00 till 23:00 
* Checkin after 15:00 
* Checkout before 11:00

If a guest uses the link in the confirmation e-mail to change or cancel a booking, the booking confirmation page is displayed, but with a different title 

Text type: "Booking-display text"
-> Text (example): "welcome back ..."

Confirmation e-mail

The BWH system also sends confirmation e-mails to the guest. This email contains all the information from the confirmation page. The integrated Google Map is replaced by a map image (static). 

Please use Image width 500px

Cancellation confirmation

If the guest cancels the reservation, the system displays a text block with structured text 

Text type: "Cancellation confirmation" -> Text (example): "Your booking has been cancelled."