Room Plan optimization

The function "move beds" in the toolbar is used to optimize the assignement of booked beds.

The status is visible in the symbol on the toolbar and can be changed by clicking on the symbol (left or right click).

Changes can be done directly in the booking overview after a new screen layout has been done. If the SHIFT key is pressed during the changes, all the beds in the room belonging to the same booking are shifted together to the new room. If there are too many beds to move, only the amount that can be fitted in the available beds of the newly selected room will be transfered.

If so selected in Online Administration (E) configuration, an alert appears if the user transfers one or several beds into bed(s) belonging to another room category.

Important: Rates are not automatically adjusted.
If needed, prices can be changed manually by clicking on "recalculate price" in the Edit booking section.

The following changes can not be made directly in the booking overview:

Beds with the status "fixed", "checked-in" or "checked-out" cannot be moved.

Beds/bookings can be changed only on the page shown.

A bed can be swapped with another bed only if this last one is free.

The arrival date and length of stay need to be edited in the Edit booking dialogue box.