Rate supplements

Before entering the prices of the additional services, those additional services should first be defined.

Additional services price groups

First, create a group. A group contains all the prices for the additional services available during one or more specified time period(s). Choose “Add entry” and enter the name of the first group in the “description” field, then save the changes.
Important: At this stage, open no more than one group.

If no price is defined for an additional service, this service will be visible in DormOnline but can not be booked online.

To enter the individual prices of the additional services, click on the pen symbol. The description of the group on its left side can be changed at any time.
To enter the price of an additional service, click on “Add entry”. To erase an existing price, click on the red X. Prices changes can be done directly in the overview screen.

Important: Save each change/new entry by clicking on the “Save” button below. There is no “Save all” button.
To leave the page, click on the “Save” button located on the left side.

If you are using different groups for the additional services rates, copy the first price group. We recommend that you pay attention that all the prices have been entered prior to doing the copy. You can modify later the price as well as the description from the price group (click on the pen symbol).

In the next step, define in calendar the time period when the group rates are valid.