Rate (per bed)

Age categories, room categories and individual rooms should be defined first, before the individual prices for beds can be entered.

Prices are defined by following the “Price” link:

Group rate:
Define first a group rate. This rate includes all the beds during one or several time periods. Select “Add entry”, fill the field Description by giving the rate a descriptive name and save the first group rate.
Important: At this stage open only one group rate.

You may wish that not all the extra charges should get the VAT phrase as the bed rates. You can input here the description you wish to have shown for the bed rates. Prices are given with tax included.

In case that there are costs or taxes with other VAT rates included in the price you have the possibility to split the price for the different VAT rates. This is only possible after a special set-up that has to be done. Please ask us for this set-up.

Bed rates:
To enter the bed rates, click on the pen symbol. The description on the left side can be modified at any time. To give the new bed rates, click on “Add entry”. To erase an already existing rate, click on the red X. Changes to a bed price can be done directly in the overview.

Important: Save each of your change or new entry by clicking on the “Save” button as described below. There is no general “Save all” button.
To leave the page, click on the “save” button located on the left.

Room categories:
Choose one from defined room categories.

Age categories:
Choose one from defined age categories. If no rate has been defined for a combination of room and age categories, DormBook will show 0 for the rate. The price for the first age category would be the only one shown online.

This section defines if a guest books only one bed of the room or wishes to book the whole room as private room. Here are the codes:
0 = one bed in a room with other beds
1 = single room (private)
2 = double room (private)
3 = triple room (private)
4 = four beds room (private) etc.
The desired occupancies can be entered for each combination of room and age categories.

Fill in the rate per bed/per night, including VAT.

The bed rates given can be changed at any time.

After entering all the prices of the beds for the first group rate, copy the whole group rate (see above). It is recommended to pay particular attention that all the individual bed prices have been entered before the copying step. The individual prices and the group rate description can be changed later if needed (click on the pen symbol).

When all the group rates have been entered, the next step is to define in calendar the time period when they apply.