Room categories

The room categories need to be defined before you can enter the individual rooms.

The room categories are edited in DormOnline administration under “Hostel – room – room categories”.

To create a new room category click on “Add entry”. To change an existing room category, click on the pen symbol (not visible in the picture).

Rooms with the same rate and of the same type are grouped together in a room category. There is no limit on the number of room categories you can define and each category can have an unlimited number of rooms in it.

Insert room category

1. Description
Internal description of the groups.

2. German text (for DormOnline and Gomio)
Text for the guests. Important: The number of people or the word bed (or beds) starts the sentence. The text should then follow by something like “in”. E.g. “in a room with several beds”, “in a private double room with bathroom/bathtub and balcony”.

3. English/French text (for DormOnline and Gomio)
Similar to the German text.

4. Picture (for DormOnline)
You can insert a picture for the room category (optional).

5. Color (for DormBook)
Each room category can be given a color (optional).

6. Statistics/Day lists/Reports
Tick the box to select if this room category should be included in statistics, day lists, and/or reports. Individual lists are populated according to the boxes ticked in the various categories.
We recommend to include all the room categories in all the 3 lists with the exception of the categories relative to “parking”, “children beds”, etc.

Note: Do not forget to save your entries/changes.