Age categories

The age categories should be defined before entering the rates.

There needs to be at least one age category defined. To create an age categrory, click on “Add entry”. To change an existing one, click on the pen symbol or directly modify the data in view. The order in which the age categories are shown can be changed by clicking on the arrows to the left of the list.
Important: Do not forget to save your entries/changes at the end.

An age category does not need to be defined by the age of the guests. We recommend creating such an “age” category for each guest group with a special rate (a discount, special offer, etc.).
- Children
- Walk-in
- Students, etc.

Bed list shows the abbreviations defined for the age categories.

Keyboard commands:
The keyboard command is the first letter of the name given to the age category. Letters in the alphabet can be used only once. Do not use F, M, X, L and P for age categories as these letters are already used as commands for gender and change of price.

Order in which categories appear:
The first age category in the list is the default/main one, which means the following:
- This is the standard category in DormBook.
- The prices for the main category are the only ones shown in DormOnline.