Additional Services

Examples of additional charges would be for breakfast, bedding, ski pass etc. They are defined under the “Additional services” link:

Enter additional services

To create a new additional service, click on “Add Entry”. To modify an existing service, click on the pen symbol. To erase an existing one, click on the red X.

Description of the additional service for the hostel use.

ID code:
The abbreviations entered here are shown in DormBook between the symbol indicating the booking status and the guest's name. ID codes length is limited to two alphanumeric characters:

Standard calculation:
This is how the additional services are calculated in DormBook as extra in the bookings. The quantities can be changed manually anytime by any DormBook user.

Calculations categories:
Four possible choices:
- * 1: the supplement is multiplied by 1 → e.g.: toothpaste
- * number of person: the supplement is multiplied by the number of people in the booking → e.g.: beddings, towels
- * number of nights: the supplement is multiplied by the number of nights booked → e.g.: parking fees
- * number of nights * number of person: the supplement is multiplied by the number of nights and multiplied by the number of people → e.g.: breakfast

Note: We advise the hostels who rely on the FlexBooking system in DormBook to use only the standard calculations * 1 and * per nights.

Define if and how an additional service can be booked by DormOnline.
- Not Online: The additional service is not offered online.
- Yes/No: The guest can choose the additional service by ticking a box. This has no influence on the additional service calculation (calculation mode by default).
- Choose number: The guest can choose the number of additional services.
- Fixed: This additional charge is fixed and added to each booking.
(This set-up is only for DormOnline and does not impact the bookings entered directly in DormBook or which are done via another interface.)

Text German/English/French:
Texts shown in DormOnline.

Important: Save all your changes and new entries.
Once those saved, the prices for additional services can be defined.