Edit calendar


1. Selection/verification of week days:
If rates change according to the day of the week (for example week-end rates), select the days when changes apply in (C). Selections for rate variations can also be done over longer periods tha/n a week.

2. Define the date range:
To define the active date range (A), click on the beginning and end date in the overview (for example in (D) or (E)). The last two clicks define the range. In addition to A, the chosen dates are also displayed in bold in the four columns of the calendar.

3. Define the group rate:
Select the desired group rate in the drop-down menu in the corresponding zone of the calendar (F to I).
Concerning G: Activates DormProject for your hostel, with the “default” group valid at all times (including during your hostel's potential business closure).

4. Click on the “Assign” button (B).