Export of guest data

In order to export guest data, you can choose at first in the Online Adminstration under “Data: Guests: Export” which data will be exported:

 - E-mail address only
 - Full address
 - All fields

You can choose the desired guest categories, provided that you have defined these before (cf. Guest categories).

In addition, you can determine on which reservations the export will be based:
 - all reservations
 - arrivals
 - stays
 - departures

Besides you can enter the beginning and end date of your guests' stay.

After having clicked on “Start”, the data appear in a description field. By using the shortcut Ctrl/Strg + A all data are marked, so you can copy them by Ctrl/Strg + C into an Excel table, in order to sort and treat the data in any order.

There are other ways to export guest data at: