A preview is relatively similar to a Word document, but all functions available in a Word document may not be accessible.

It is unfortunately not possible to make all changes directly in the “Preview” mode. Changing the display/graphics can be particularly challenging. We recommend you to try to do the changes in source code view or to simply contact us.

The following changes are easy to make:

Replace an existing text

Replace an existing formula

Insert text at the end of the document

Some changes are most easily done in the Preview mode. They consist of:

Change font and text size

Insert pictures (Logos, etc.) using the descriptive symbols (see below).

Must be preceded and followed by a % symbol.

Grouped variables:
An example:
They are used to show a table containing the given variables, regardless if the booking is for one or 20 beds.
The word before the two points is the grouped variables collective name (here bookings). This name should NOT be changed.
A vertical line | signals a change of column (in the same row). You can delete elements or change the order in which they appear but always keep a vertical separator in between them.
Grouped variables also start and end with a % symbol. No % symbol is needed inside the group.