About DormProject

… is a booking database software for backpacker hostels and small hotels.


The software is divided into 3 sub-programs with the following features:

- For everyday use (reception, office)

- For online connection to the Internet

Online Administration
- For specific overviews and analyses
- For configurating the entire system

- Additional licences for DormBook
- Interface to GOMIO
- Interface to HostelBookers
- Interface to Hostelworld
- Interface to Gooking.com
- Interface to HiHostels.com
- Interface to Swiss Travel Center (for Swiss clients only)
- Interface to HostelsClub
- Interface to TOMAS

Visual room plan, scalable on demand according to room categories

Individual beds bookable in rooms with several beds

Unlimited number of beds reserved together per booking

Numerous views giving powerful visual representations:
- Distinction by gender (male, female, mixed)
- Distinction by booking chanel (phone, e-mail, etc.)
- Distinction by agent (sales chanel)
- Distinction by arrival date

Guest file integrated with search capability enabled

Various analyses (e.g. by number of nights, country of origin etc.)

Print the daily beds lists with the options of arrival, departure, length of stay

Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection (Web based).


DormOnline is an HTML interface for the Internet, which allows direct bookings from a homepage. Two solutions are available:

EasyBooking tool is included in the basic license. Bookings are possible for groups if all the guests are accommodated in the same room.

FlexBooking tool allows a guest to book for various days different rooms and/or different room categories (as well as for a varying number of people). The tool does not guarantee that beds in the same room category are actually in the same room.

The set-up of FlexBooking tool is an option with costs. Once installed, the guest has access to both tools for booking.