Your business

Your business is defined by your hostel's infrastructure (rooms, beds), your services (e.g. prices for meals, parking) and your rates for accomodations.

Dormproject offers you the choice to define your business with the following elements:

User-defined number of rooms

User-defined room names/numbers (up to 8 characters)

User-defined number of beds or additional beds per room

Additional beds not to be sold online

Additional beds can be deleted from graphic display in the booking overview.

No limit on the number of rooms in any of the room categories

No limit on how many age categories the user can define

Prices can be set per room category, age category or assigned as wished according to any other unique or independent factor, with no limit on the number of price groups the user can define.

A room category defines the rate per bed and overnight stay, independently from the price group or the age category (e.g. adults and children).

A price group per day can also be defined.

Various services can be defined.

Prices of services can be defined in groups.

For a rate per day, a price group can be used for each service.