DormBook 6

DormBook 6.5.608.10894 (2020-02-25)

#6314 admin login from Desktop-App (DormBook)
#6560: show card number (less clicks)
#6470 room view (bugfixes)

DormBook (2020-02-11)

#6312: special Days (simple solution: tooltip)
#6470 room view
#6262: maxnights for services
new endpoint (serverside)
#4309 Rebranding (DormBook -> Book.World-Desktop)

DormBook (2020-01-13)

sidebar: always docked when activated

DormBook 6.4.9902.10871 (2020-01-07)

bugfix: #6446 progressbar database download
bugfix: #6284 automatic update with 3 channels (progressiv/standard/konservativ)

DormBook 6.4.9901.10867 (2019-10-30)

#6288 encryption with openSSL
#6284 automatic update with 3 channels (progressiv/standard/konservativ)

DormBook 6.4.9902.10864 (2019-10-22)

feature: #5318: depending on login level the user of DormBook can no langer change past reservations
feature: #5452: table for document type supports now wildcard '?'
feature: #5964: maximum duration for reservations: 400 nights
feature: #6246: new booking channel "Extention"
bugfix: #5252: crash when deleting beds
bugfix: #6264: priceadjustments when a reservation is changed to a longer/shorter duration
bugfix: #5124: Timeout for remote restart function
bugfix: #5532: timeshift for calendar
bugfix: #5324: handling of re-open of already open group booking
bugfix: #6100 no beta version

DormBook 6.4.9901.10851 (2019-05-25)

Bugfix: payment report containing switch to/from daylight saving time
Bugfix: priceadjustments when a reservation is changed to a longer/shorter duration

DormBook 6.4.9901.10849 (2018-10-05)

Feature: internal function for debugging

DormBook 6.4.9901.10846 (2018-08-29)

- Feature: Set available payment types
- Feature: Passport reader - Store document type in guest field
- Feature: Passport reader - Mapping document type and gender
- Feature: Reports from DormBook (#4335)

- Bugfix: Crash while moving sidebars
- Bugfix: Move passport reader calibration to local settings dialog
- Bugfix: New CC in Chrome
- Bugfix: Send passport reader fails to server
- Bugfix: Refresh CCActions in EditRes after create a new CC
- Bugfix #4889: Login after automatic logout

DormBook 6.4.9901.10839 (2018-06-21)

- Feature: Display "Online group", "Price group", "Additional services group" in reservations view

- Bugfix: Check for Updates
- Bugfix: Switch to NoShow sets bed price to 0.00
- Bugfix: Price adjustment when encreasing/decreasing reservation duration
- Bugfix: Move reservations with Shift key, if not enough beds are available
- Bugfix: Set fix services to default value when opening a reservation (if "Ask to adapt services" parameter is "Never, adapt fix services")
- Bugfix: Prices will be adapted while moving
- Bugfix: Increase duration of interface bookings
- Bugfix: Use time shift also for reservation view
- Bugfix: Calculate average price per night if encreasing duration of reservation
- Bugfix: Note MinStay if making new reservations

DormBook (2018-01-11)

- New DormBook Release 6.4

DormBook 6.3.9901.10807 (2018-01-05)

- Bugfix: Apostrophe in searchfield of toolbar results in SQL error
- Bugfix: FindGuest - Multiple search with special fields doesn't work

DormBook 6.3.9901.10806 (2017-12-06)

- Bugfix: Show Credit card information in external browser window

DormBook 6.3.9901.10774 (2017-09-26)

- Feature: Moving fix reservations possible via local setting
- Feature: Passport reader with automatic configuration

- Bugfix: Empty data if user cancel passporet reading
- Bugfix: passport reading - birth year: reading 01 creates 1901 and not 2001
- Bugfix: Decimal number: convert comma to point
- Bugfix: Group payments (parts per reservation)

DormBook (2017-08-17)

- New DormBook Release 6.3

DormBook 6.2.9903.10759 (2017-08-12)

- Feature: New menu entry to online documentation
- Feature: Button DB Download in Splash Dialog

- Bugfix: Update TimeShift for arrival view on refresh
- Bugfix: Show server message only once
- Bugfix: No special rights needed to create new and copy credit card

DormBook 6.2.9903.10753 (2017-06-19)

- Feature: Show only services which could be relevant for the reservation

DormBook 6.2.9903.10752 (2017-04-06)

- Bugfix #4255: Improve Update of reservation grouping dialog
- Bugfix #4257: Reservation toolbar search opens find reservation dialog with one finding reservation
- Bugfix: QWebView blank page on MacOS Sierra
- Bugfix: Distribution of group payments
- Bugfix: DormBook on Windows systems allways in UserScope not in SystemScope

DormBook 6.2.9903.10743 (2017-02-24)

- Feature #34: Button to open E-Mail for Guests in EditGuest or EditReservation
- Feature #4245: Searchfield in Sidebar

- Bugfix: Sidebar - Show all Reminders in the past
- Bugfix: Function to glue seperated window parts
- Bugfix: Show conflict state on MacOS
- Bugfix: Group payment also with amount 0.00

DormBook 6.2.9903.10730 (2017-01-27)

- Feature #840: Sidebar
- Feature #2608: List all open EditRes dialogs
- Feature #3953: Stripe and Group payment
- Feature #3871: Move bed in EditRes dialog
- Feature #744: Split reservation (every night and split a single bed)
- Feature #4117: Support additional CC Types

- Bugfix #4195; password rules check only for users with CC rights

DormBook 6.2.9902.10721 (2016-12-23)

- Feature #512: Store and show the user who entered a reservation
- Feature #3351: Show legend is the default setting
- Feature #4177: Payment type for charging credit card
- Feature: Improve handling with credit cards (Show infos, Copy, PCI-Proxy, etc.)

- Bugfix #3885: Offline: Statusbar is only red until the center of the window
- Bugfix #3541: Create a new reservation -> lock was not setting
- Bugfix #1188: Wrong price in DormBook (while transition to other price group)

DormBook 6.2.9901.10704 (2016-06-15)

- Feature: Define colors for agents explicitly
- Bugfix: Passport scanner: no error if expire date is not read correctly

DormBook 6.2.9901.10699

- Bugfix: Passport scanner – Passport Malaysia Firstnames and Name not seperated by <<
- Bugfix: Passport scanner – ID Germany before 2010 has special format
- Bugfix: Passport scanner Replace characters not in [A-Z0-9<] with <
- Bugfix #2420: Display additionals in Offline mode
- Bugfix: Dayly lists – only German, English and French

DormBook 6.2.9901.10694

-Bugfix: Passport scanner – ID France has special format

DormBook 6.02.00 (2015-10-14)

New Release 6.02

DormBook 6.1.9901.10688 (2015-09-16)

-Bugfix #3895: FindRes: Incorrect status filter

DormBook 6.1.9901.10687 (2015-09-02)

-Feature: Improvement offline mode

DormBook 6.1.9901.10686 (2015-08-28)

- Bugfix: Passreader breaks reading, before end is reached

DormBook 6.1.9901.10685 (2015-08-25)

- Feature #3773: Private room: Revert fix of re-calculation prices to empty beds
- Bugfix #3869: Search field: Button disabled
- Bugfix #3591: SSL Error after update to Yosemite

DormBook 6.1.9901.10677 (2015-07-22)

- Bugfix: Improvement of splitter behaviour
- Bugfix #3545: generic F1 view

DormBook 6.1.9901.10671 (2015-07-02)

- Feature #3817: Show only main guest in reservation grid in case of disabled person details

- Bugfix: Read Passport with 3 rows – wrong position
- Bugfix: Bug in search field history

DormBook 6.1.9901.10667 (2015-06-15)

- Feature #103: Show arrival time in status bar
- Feature #3595: Smaller font in compact view
- Feature #2844: History of search field in task bar
- Feature #3679: Black font in disabled price fields of EditRes dialogue
- Feature #3593: Integration of passport scanner
- Feature #3221: Query for adaption of additional services when clicking the Save button
- Feature #3799: Save expanded/collapsed detail groups in EditGuest dialogue in local database
- Feature #3773: Private room: Change of and to empty beds results in a recalculation of prices

- Bugfix #3587: Find Reservation Enter: Sometimes opens FindRes and not EditRes
- Bugfix #3585: Plus sign (+) in remarks field will not be saved
- Bugfix #3533: Display of high-resolution screens
- Bugfix: Show login errors in user login dialogue
- Bugfix #3721: Crash after closing of EditGuest dialogue
- Bugfix #3441: User-defined view: Login to save view not possible
- Bugfix #3543: Improve behaviour of combinations EditRes/FindGast/EditGast dialogue

DormBook 6.1.9901.10629 (2015-04-29)

- Bugfix #3591: SSL error after updating to Mac OS X Yosemite

DormBook (2015-03-23)

Release 6.01 – no change since the last pre-released version

DormBook 6.0.9902.10618 (2015-03-11)

- Bugfix #3547: Under specific circumstances false guests are entered into the reservation.

DormBook 6.0.9902.10615 (2015-02-04)

- Bugfix #3443: Search guest: drop-down list does not work after clicking on reset
- Feature: Card payment from edit reservation dialogue with button
- Feature: ResView – row height smaller
- Feature: ResView – change font
- Feature: EditRes – group reservation dialogue optionally on top of main dialogue window
- Feature: EditRes – change size of remark field and person table in edit reservation dialogue
- Feature: EditRes – new button «Charge card» in order to charge a credit card
- Feature: ResView – grid lines in darker color

DormBook 6.00

DormBook (2014-11-18)

- New version numbers
- Warning if a gap between the day-definition is recognized (tdatum)
- Edit reservation dialogue: no button “add beds” as now the contextual menu is also available on the empty bed-list.
- The selection colour of the calendar-view is transparent.
- Find reservation dialogue: If a reservation is opened, the grid (calendar) moves to the arrival day of the opened reservation.
- If the colour-schemata “gender” is used, the text colour is always black (no longer grey for bookings with channel “Internet”).
- File names of booking sheets contain the download date. DormBook 6 keeps up to 30 files in the directory.
- Only one try to contact the server (with a long time-out), if not reachable, DormBook 6 switches to off-line mode.
- Update interval to check for changes on the server is now 15 seconds.
- DemoVersion: download db after 4 days
- #515: Separate field for arrival time
- #842: No crash if view F1 is corruptly stored
- #844: Update main menu “view”
(#1818: Menu reports [text-change in German version])
- #2190: Before delete-/cancel of a reservation a check is done, that the reservation was not changed in between.
- #2268: Same reservation cannot be opened more than once within the same DormBook 6.
- #2280: Proxy-settings, language is now stored in a ini-file
- #2336: Hint for prices to display full amount of expensive reservations
- #2344: Text change for the off-line message
- #2362: Cancellation of a reservation does first save changes (if any).
- #2366: List entries of booking sheet selection field (edit reservation dialogue) does have a hint to display the full name.
- #2384: Keyboard short-cut for “Recalculate prices” (n)
- #2388: Find reservation dialogue: column for agent
- #2392: If an age category was assigned to an empty bed, the gender of the room definition is assigned.
- #2414: Move reservation: SHIFT key has to be pressed AFTER the mouse-key.
- #2414: Hint shows move mode (one bed/all beds from the same room).
- #2448: Possibility to activate a hint to show the price/room type of a bed in the calendar-view (reservation grid).
- #2472: More dialogues are now translated.
- #2476: Version number for Mac
- #2480: Daily lists: settings are stored for the next use.
- #2494: Calendar: new option “compact view” to reduce the row height
- #2496: Calendar: different marks for selected reservations: single/group reservation, single/multi-room
- #2506: Automatic update for Mac
- #2578: Calendar: if some beds are selected: double click = “new reservation”
- #2594: Open more than one “Edit guest” dialogue
- #2624: New DormBook Icon
- #2626: “Edit reservation” dialogue: save only if something is changed.
- #2748: Calendar: grey colour for not selected reservations (setting in the local settings)
- #2788: Change of legend (triple colour per text)
- #2802: Calendar view: deny to display undefined dates
- #2812: Cancel reservation instead of definitely deleting it
- #2832: Edit reservation dialogue: show all keyboard shortcuts in the contextual menu