DormBook 6

DormBook 5.999

5.999.9910.10574 (2014-09-17)

Bugfix #3211: Find reservation: Filter 2: Additional option 'All states'
Bugfix #3213: User-defined view: Visibility of labels (Mac)
Bugfix #3283: Find guest: Ignore spaces in names
Feature: EditReservation - Alphabetical order of agents
Bugfix #3231: Improve of Offline mode
Bugfix #3235: Start Dormbook in Offline mode
Feature #2698: Colour scheme: Change colours of states

5.999.9910.10561 (2014-07-07)

version beta 10

5.999.9909.10558 (2014-06-17)

display Beta-version number always with two digits

5.999.9909.10555 (2014-06-17)

Bugfix #3175: Crash on start-up
Bugfix #3179: DormBook very slow when conflicts not resolved
Support #3181: Tooltip for prices: text change
preparations for Linux-Version

5.999.9909.10547 (2014-05-23)

Bugfix #3169: Shift + F-key: no change to view
Bugfix #3171: Dormbook does not start with maximized window
Feature #926: DormBook Login: secure storage for login information

5.999.9909.10542 (2014-05-21)

Feature #3139: Do not display a message box, if edit dialogue is already open, just switch
Bugfix #3125: Numbers could change by mouse movement
Bugfix #3111: Edit reservation → search guest → new guest → OK: go back directly to edit reservation dialogue
Feature #3107: Menu entries for saved views
Bugfix #3103: Edit reservation: field with guest information allows copy (Name, Country, etc.)
Bugfix #2991: Edit reservation dialogue hides behind main window when payment dialogue is closed
intern: #2951 Offline-Mode: LogError
Bugfix #2920: Mac: status bar should be red in offline mode
Bugfix #2886: Offline-mode: sync of changes
Feature #2726: MAC: Alixon Gmbh is an Unidentified Developer → Sign the application for Mac OS
BugFix #2678: Refresh-Button: check the server for new changes before rebuilding the grid information
Bugfix #2572: Edit reservation: find guest window disappears(Mac)
Bugfix #2324: Check if guest information is changed by somebody else before saving it → e-mail
Feature #926: DormBook Login: secure storage for login information
Bugfix: Warning about being offline shows before edit reservation/guest
intern: Different installations should calculate different station hashes
intern: Menu tools: separator added in between different items
intern: Adjustment for new database structure
intern: DormBook Start changes and adjustments
intern: Translations
intern: SQL-DB-adjustment
intern: OpenSSL Version 1.0.1g (Heartbleed Bug)
intern: New LogError-Key: Offline-manuell
intern: Show the short version number in about dialogue

5.999.9909.10496 (2014-02-26)

internal: WIN: openSSL-libraries
internal: display network error messages

5.999.9909.10492 (2014-02-19)

intern: before switching to off-line mode try to reach the server several times (retry if Connection closed Error)
Bugfix #2936: refresh room list after change
intern: when server-connection was not successful at first try, send debug information to server

5.999.9909.10484 (2014-02-07)

Bugfix #2910: Price changes when reservation state is changed to no-show
Bugfix #2914: Crash, if database on the server is not reachable
Bugfix #2916: Offline mode: move beds
Bugfix #2918: Display of beds after up-sync (after offline mode)

5.999.9909.10479 (2014-02-05)

when switching to on-line mode an automatic message is delivered why DormBook did change to off-line mode (before).

5.999.9909.10474 (2014-01-23)

BugFix #2478: Mac: adapt size of labels
Bugfix: Print booking sheets locally (multiple prints)
Bugfix: “Edit bed list” dialogue shows also occupied beds.

5.999.9909.10465 (2014-01-17)

BugFix: Crashes on Windows 8 when searching in “EditGuest” dialogue
BugFix: SortProxyModel replaced by other sort function

5.999.9909.10463 (2014-01-15)

Feature #2684: User-defined view: calendar added
Feature #2748: Calendar view: not selected reservations displayed in gray (consider reservation groups)
Bugfix #2846: Error message when moving beds of reservations with beds in several rooms
Bugfix #2876: Legend of colour scheme agent
GUI #2880: Lists: Arrival: renamed
Bugfix #2884: Creating new guests in off-line mode
Migration Qt5.2.0
Bugfix: Check for updates from main menu
Bugfix: MainWindow keeps maximized state after restart
Internal: Cancel reservations: SQL error
Feature: FindReservation: change when search for reservation number
BugFix: Crashes on Windows 8 when searching in “Find reservation/guest” dialogue

5.999.9909.10420 (2013-12-19)

#2820: Translation was missing in the local settings dialog
Bugfix #2860: Caldendar view: names not readable in the last bed of a room (only compact view)
Internal: delete old log files
Internal: MainWindow: size when opend the first time
Internal: Mac-Version

5.999.9909.10411 (2013-12-17)

Feature #2748: Calendar: grey colour for not selected reservations (setting in the local settings)
Feature #2832: Edit reservation dialogue: show all keyboard shortcuts in the contextual menu
Bugfix #2836: DormBook windows are not displayed correctly (on small screens, e.g. laptops).
Feature #2838: Save the last position/size of dialogues
Bugfix #2848: Text of empty beds in gender colour scheme not easy readable
Bugfix: Print online reservations: print every reservation only once.
Edit guest dialogue: Sort the reservation list by arrival date (newest on top)
Bugfix: Find reservation dialogue: after sorting the list, wrong entry was opened (same for edit guest and find guest dialogued)

5.999.9909.10403 (2013-12-11)

Beta 9 (Bugfix for check version)

5.999.9908.10402 (2013-12-10)

changes for Linux version
Bugfix #2528: Sort tables with mouse click (Fix: KeyEvents in bed list [Edit reservation dialogue])
Bugfix #2786: Mac 10.9 (Maverick): DormBook can not be installed in two different directories with two different local settings
Bugfix #2788: Colour scheme arrival/departure: temporary reservation should have different colours
Bugfix #2834: Edit reservation: right mouse click does now select the bed and not only open the contextual menu
Bugfix #2846: Moving reservation with bed in different rooms: an error message is no longer displayed.
Bugfix #2820: Colour scheme arrival: reservation with arrival today and status checked out should be grey
Bugfix #2840: Find guest: columns of the table of the search results with fixed width
Bugfix: CheckForUpdate now works again as expected

5.999.9908.10389 (2013-11-29)

#2602: Special functions work now
#2626: “Edit reservation” dialogue: Save only if something is changed.
#2754: “Find guest” dialogue: search for e-mail addresses takes too long
#2756: “Find guest” dialogue: search for free fields with special characters, show remarks in the list, search for e-mails
#2758: Calender view: black double line in between different rooms
#2788: Colour scheme arrival/departure: different colours for temporary reservations, change of legend (triple colour per text)
#2802: Calendar view: deny to display undefinied dates
#2804: Fix: show conflicts in DormBook
#2808: “Find guest” dialogue: Do not duplicate entries in list boxes each time the dialogue is opened.
#2812: Cancel reservation instead of definitely deleting it
Preparations for Linux version
DemoVersion: download database after 4 days

5.999.9908.10372 (2013-11-15)

#2562: Edit guest dialogue: display problems on Mac
#2576: Calendar view: fix for send e-mail function (Mac)
#2606: Edit guest dialogue: selection boxes for country are synchronized
#2624: New icon for DormBook
#2638: After start-up the legend and colour scheme is set correctly
#2662: Edit reservation dialogue: OK button disabled
#2694: Edit reservation dialogue: Design of additional dialogue for group reservation information
#2718: Color scheme: correct color for temporary reservations
#2724: Mac: edit reservation dialogue hides away
#2730: Find guest dialogue: list is not updated
#2732: Find guest dialogue: never ending filtering
#2734: Crash on ESC key in edit guest dialogue

5.999.9908.10357 (2013-10-29)

#2616: Calendar View: special days
#2628: Edit reservation: number of persons visible before a bed is selected
#2630: Main window: visibility of the legend
#2638: View after start-up: same color-scheme as in last session
#2650: Add symbols for sent e-mails
#2662: Edit reservation: OK Button was disabled
#2666: Edit reservation: DropDown of reservation state
#2668: Prices can be entered with , or . as separator
#2670: Bed list: font colour when selected is not black
#2674: Edit reservation: message “not fully paid” even if due is zero
#2676: Main window: update of the numbers of free beds
#2680: Translations
#2682: Typo
BugFix: for #2650
Non release version (beta versions) check three number groups of the version number on startup.
Beta 8 (check version on startup with three groups of numbers)

5.999.9907.10341 (2013-09-27)

- Edit reservation dialogue: edit guest event only sent to the sending dialogue
- #2616: Calendar view: special days
- #2574: Reservations without guest
- #2614: Edit reservation: selection color of bed list
- #2612: Find guest dialogue: warning if already open

5.999.9907.10337 (2013-09-20)

- BugFix: Absturz bei Beenden-Logout
- neues Icon
- Mac: currentThreadId kann auf Mac nicht in int konvertiert werden
- Test neue Icons zum Markieren von Reservationen
- #2560: Gast bearbeiten: eigenes Kalender-Widget integrieren

5.999.9907.10330 (2013-09-19)

- Versionsinformationen im Logfile
- Crash-Prävention (Öffnen von EdRes-Dialog): int nicht implizit in str wandeln
- BugFix: Edit Gast aus Bettenliste nimmt Hauptgast
- #2604: neuer Gast wird an alle offenen Edit-Res Dialoge weitergeleitet