Book.World Desktop 7

DormBook (2021-03-10)

mac: nicer logo
#7534: fontsize for rooms in large table view
bugfix: #7538: after certain hotkeys (age category) the selection jumped unpredictable

#7566: no price for empty beds
The dialog for the change all prices function has a checkbox to control if prices of empty beds should also be changed.

#7524: searchable guest field
Define a guest fiels in the App Settings which is also searched in the global reservation search. This field is also available in the find reservation dialogue (yellow).
The combined filed (name/first name/eMail) was replaced by 3 single fields (green).

Option to make 2 guest field required for the main guest of all reservation:

Option to define 2 fields to be required for the main guest at Check-in (yellow). The other fielsd are required for all guests (green).

#7582: guest information
The important guest fields (searchable field and required field for main guest) are displayed together with the name and country:

#7536 Select options for guest field
predefine choice for values of guest fields. BWO does use the same definition