Some Interfaces support the upload of different rates. The setup of all these rates has to be done through the external system (e.g. HostelWorld). Once everything is setup for each price definition (price group) the settings can be added.
The additional symbol in the liste of price groups is shown anyway:

Hostelworld: Non-Refundable Rates

In the HW-Inbox for each room type NRR can be activated.
(1) First Step to have DormProject manage the NRR activation/deactivation: click on the Checkbox on the right side of Hostelworld (API) and then click on the Save button:(2) Second Step: Select one of the online groups used (in future) in combination with the chose price groups

Here the room types of HostelWorld can be managed:

  1. yellow: display of the assigned rooms in DormProject according to the selected online group
  2. green: Base price
    for the HW room type based on the selected online group (assigned rooms) as well as the settting onTop and Commission booking from Agents -> Contracts
  3. blue: price adjustmen
    For each HW room type a price adjustment can be defined. Raise or reduce the price as you like. The result based on the base price (green) is also displayed.
  4. orange: nonref setting:
    Please choose as you like:
    nA: the interface does not change anything
    close: the interface sets the nonref rate for the assigned dates to Off
    open: the internet sets the nonref rate for the assigned dates to On