DormBook 7.23.300.11043 (2023-10-06)

Date selection: adjust calendar size

DormBook (2023-09-14)

ajustments and design correction for EdRes/EdResGroup (mac/win)

DormBook (2023-09-11)

Windows: Crash on close of edit reservation dialoge (with X)

DormBook (2023-07-31)

#9778: adjust services (new option: ask, but adjust fixed services automatically)
#9698: res group dialogue
feature: search reservation dialogue: filter for booking channel
bugfix: move bed (when in conflict state)
#9776 Widgettext
internal bugfixes

DormBook (2023-06-08)

#9732: event filter for Combo
#9700: always update services with type net price and price per person
no update requests to server while Drag/Drop
tables: vAlign
#9698: widening reservation group dialogue
#9624: green/orange reservation mark points (bugfix r925)
os detection
compiler warnings

upgrade qt 5.14.2[win], resp qt 5.11.3[mac] (#8656)
win: upgrade openssl 1.1.1q
mac: sign application (#7428)