DormBook 7.22.400.11001 (2022-10-10)

more logs for user-login
#9390 conditional services
#7428 DormBook Mac (preparations)
#8656 qt-upgrade (preparations)

DormBook 7.22.300.10992 (2022-07-27)

required guest fields: all fields (also credit card fields) can be required

DormBook (2022-06-10)

#9384 Adjustment of context menu depending on selection

Bugfix: Price adjustments when extending/shortening reservations:
To explain this, it is best to look at an example:
If you have a HW reservation and the commission is set as a down payment in DormBook, it is not easy to calculate the correct price for shortened reservations. Because the commission does not decrease but is entered as payment. Therefore, it has to be split over the remaining days and the effective price per person and night increases accordingly.
The example is based on a real reservation from a hostel (2 persons, 3 nights):

    Original price (total): 215.34
    Price per night per person: 35.89
    HW commission (registered as payment in DormBook): 32.30
    Hostel amount (total) 183.04
    Hostel amount per night per person: 30.50667
    If the guest now departs early, the price has to be adjusted:
    -> reduction to 2 nights: 4x30.50667+32.30=154.32667 -> 38.581667 per night per person
    -> reduction to 1 night: 2x30.50667+32.30= 93.3133 -> 46.656667 per night per person

This calculation is now done automatically in DormBook based on the settings at time of the booking import.

DormBook (2022-04-14)

feature #9198 mark/unmark beds with double click

bugfix: category filter for search guests dialogue


DormBook (2022-01-27)

feature: #9094 tooltip for services in edit reservation dialogue

feature: #5126 Windows: get path to Acrobat Reader from registry
bugfix: #9050 activate search reservation dialogue after toolbar search
bugfix: #8700 Windows: exe name for Acrobat Reader
bugfix: #8658 start in debug mode
bugfix: #9122 for newly created reservation services wihout price have been displayed in edit reservation dialogue