DormBook 7.0.1000.10939 (2020-12-23)

#7372 send BWO confirmation e-mail from context menu
new endpoints for development environment

DormBook 7.0.800.10937 (2020-11-10)

rebranding of mac version Book.World-Desktop and Logo

DormBook 7.0.800.10931 (2020-11-10)

rebranding of windows installer to Book.World Desktop
#6986: speed up of reservation grid (calendar)
#6986: bugfix: increasing memory usage (memory leak)
#6984: bugfix for colors in arrival view
#7212: bugfix: price for parking

DormBook 7.0.700.10919 (2020-06-09)

#6794 limit services to agents
#6664 service for tax
bugfix: dialog to update services is showed more than once
trim login name on first login

DormBook 7.0.400.10916 (2020-03-23)

bugfix: Move reservation into other room

DormBook 7.0.300.10915 (2020-03-18)

#6660 Price for Parking (rooms)
#6262 check for count of services

DormBook (2020-03-12)

bugfix: booking sheets

DormBook (2020-03-09)

#6616 Large table view
edRes: adapt height of sub-elements
#6350 booking sheets
bugfix: check-update
bugfix: room-view