Change Log


- #1862: When saving payments/services to the local database (off-line), the values have been truncated.
- #1784: Crash if a reservation without guest has been set to check-in.
- #1834: new color scheme: Departure
- #1574: preview of number of hits for searchfield calculated in background
- #1932: Status line was not always readable if reservation remarks was more than one line.


- new build after all caches has been deleted


- improvment for fix: When setting a service, the box is displayed to the top entries.
- Edit-guest button on edit reservation dialogue enabled for cancelled reservations.
- adjustment of size of “resolve conflict” button
- #97, #1558: limit the duration of payment report from DormBook
- as long as no language was set, default language for reports/lists from DormBook is now English
- edit reservation dialogue – context menu for beds → (check mark) for the current gender


- fix: When setting a service, the box is displayed to the top entries.
- name change for Mac version


- write Mem/ObjectCount periodically into the debug window
- possibility to activate the debug window while running
- fix: memory leak (destroy legend, before rebuilding)


- fix: When Check-out (without E-Mail), an error message is displayed.


- IDE RB2011r4


- #1002: Translation of cancel reservation message
- fix: crash if no booking sheet is defined
- #1142: negativ payments for reservation groups
- #39: error message if 2 reservation groups are tried to be combined
- #231: change of station name
- fix: fmEditRes: SET does store changes (nationality, country living, passport no., birthday)
- #1408: FindRes: new option only E-Mail and only PDF (from context menu)
- #1310: subject for e-mails sent directly from DormBook
- #1312: new option Check-out + E-Mail in one click from context menu
- #1312: show mark for e-mails sent from DormBook


- fix: DormBook crashes (Windows version)
- quicker startup for supporters
- order of legend items for arrival color schemata
- fix: EditGuest: always hide CC-information (on open)


- IDE RB2011r2
- fix: #826: hostel selection for supporters


- fix: #960: color scheme “Arrival”: partial payment
- fix: #826: Tab-Order in Hostel-selection dialogue


#516: send e-mail (template) directly from DormBook
#816: fix: runtime error on split reservation
#495: manually change to off-line
#270: check bed availability in off-line mode
#272: book “empty beds” in off-line mode
#730: error on up-sync while stating up DormBook
#894: fix: start DormBook without internet connection (off-line) (no AutoCommit)
#894: improvement for #495
#326: fix: information misson on DormBook conflicts (sql-fehler)
#828: DormBook: yubico-key support for DormBook Users, always do checks on server (except in off-line mode)
#906: check login-level on start-up (optionally)
#960: color scheme “Arrival”: special color (purple) for reservation with partial payments (paid for all nights including the next one as well all services).
#826: hostel selection for supportes (with yubico-key)


- fix for RB2011r1
- fix: recalculate prices
- fix: crash on start-up
- #726: crash on login-abort
- #258: translation of legend in DormBook
- #496: fix: password requirements
- #292: partial payments for reservation groups (with commenting feature)
- #284: recalculation of brut price
- #42: Mac: copy booking sheet to clipboard
- #260, #262: legends on main windows (calendar)
- #234: reservation is sometimes marked as “not paid” even as due is zero
- precision on price change dialogue: 4 digits
- redesign (program code) of contextual menu of calendar

5.06.53 (internal version)
- IDE RB2011r1


- IDE RB2010r4.1
- #490: Preparation for “FindResColorTimeshift” (color scheme “Arrival”)
- #493: “Edit guest”-dialogue: sort the list of reservations
- #494: Display the state “Cancelled”
- #492: MAC: fix: define view: counting up the number of days as hidden
- Versions-number includes platform
- reservation history: extended with information about DormBook version, station name, DormBook user

Extended security-check for users with access to credit card data (PCI-DSS):
- log out automatically after maximum idel time of 15 minutes
- password complexity: 1 uppder-case character, 1 lower-case character, 1 digit (#496)
- password length at least 8 characters
- password needs to be different from the last 10 passwords
- password change at least every 90 days (#496)
- deactivate user after more than 6 unsuccessful login attempts


- fix: change user password

5.06.50 (internal version)
- user login for DormBook


fix for #241: calculate the prices for bookings (private rooms with more than 9 beds)


- fix: No message box asking about saving changes when DormBook is closed.
- MAC: Design of the dialogue “Find guest”


- Payment report: define seconds for start/end time
- Error message, if a second dialogue “Edit guest” is opened
- fix: crash on close of DormBook


- fix: work off-line (booking empty beds)

5.06.13 (INTERN)
- fix: status bar (5.06.12)
- fix: proxy server & off-line (5.6.12)
- fix: login dialogue: tab order


- internet connection via proxy server
- fix: crash, if all beds of a booking are empty beds
- fix: find guest: display also guest without name
- fix: graphical problem from version 5.06.10/11 (new IDE)
- include the sub-version in the header of the binary file (Windows)


- fix: several graphical problems from version 5.06.10 (new IDE)


IDE RB2010r2
-> #244: Drag&Drop issue on Linux
- find guest: update search list after “Edit”


- #302: display category of guest in list from “Find guest”-dialogue, assign new guest directly to booking
- fix: extended search options for guests: assign country from filter to new guest
- #298: new function “Recalculate all prices” for group booking
- #241: fix: “Edit booking”-dialogue: calculating prices for booking with several private rooms.


fix: select more than one bed (for a new booking) while “Move beds”


- Always adjust prices when the age category is changed
- Solution: adjust prices for new bookings when the age category is changed
- Tab-Order in the dialogue “Find guests”
- Solution: do a larger search for guests
- Solution: open a booking with “Edit” in the “Find booking”-dialogue box.


- fix: save button for edit booking dialogue

5.06.05 (internal version)
- #88: do not display countries which do not exist any more.
- #88: find guest: search field country does only contain countries with guests.
- new configuration in the Online Administration: save button for edit booking dialogue (without closing the dialogue)

5.06.04 (internal version)
- IDE RB2010r1 (incl. plugins)
- fix: ask to save the booking if the edit booking dialogue is closed by clicking X (not close)
- fix: only save booking data if something was changed.
- fix: #95: edit the same booking on more than one station
- #126: find guest: search in all fields
- #200: find guest: search by guest categories
- #223: find booking: search by guest-e-mail
- #237: button to jump to the current day (yesterday)
- changed function of F-keys (SHIFT – no shift):
  → new: without SHIFT = do not change the start date
  → new: SHIFT pressed = do change the start date


- #216: system blocks if no country is selected
- fix: country selection in Personal data
- fix: SQL-Error if a name contains '
- Fix for function “Re-calculate prices” opens the booking edit screen.
- #212: display the year in the booking overview (calendar)
- #236/225: show only the standard beds available (without additional beds) next to the date
- #235: uses , instead of . as decimal separator


- #205: checked-out rooms can not be changed
- fix: display again room/room category colors
- color for additional beds (description in white).


- #202: alert if a booking is closed without saving
- #203: “booking save error” after error indicating “Some beds are already full in the selected time period”.
- #194 additional beds
  → additional beds can are not booked via the “new” booking
  → new menu entry to include the additional beds
- #197: MAC: set the default date for payments
- display additional beds with in darker hue of the color (on the whole page)
- IDE RB5009r5 (incl. Plugin)
- archive encrypted password in the local database
- fix: additional F-keys


- color of additional beds in Caledar view