Change Log


- Work on same booking from different workstations (#95)
- Expand the color palette for “Arrival” (#127, #143)
- When a booking group is selected, it is distinguished in the booking table. (#45)
- An alert can be activated when a shift to “no show” is made, by changing the set-up in Online Administration under Hostel – Options – DormBook parameters. (#179)

- Moving beds with SHIFT moves only beds from the same room (#148, #168)
- Payment for groups (#140)
- Payment by installments: authorize the coma (,) as decimal separator(#150)
- The column for notes re the beds is adjusted to the width available (#156)
- Focus on the Edit booking dialogue box after a change of rates (#37, #131)
- Saved views: not only F1–F9, but the double amount of keys available after Ctrl (#170)
- Note time of the last payments report (#128)
- Do not set price at 0 when shifting to “no-show”. To set prices at 0, the function “recalculate price” can be used. (#64)
- Additional entry field in the contextual menu for copy and paste.
- New color for the chosen cell in the booking table
- Open booking with double click (#138)
- Choose country (e.g. Uganda)
- Accuracy of prices