Online groups – rooms

The combinations of portal/room categories as well as other additional preferences are set up under “Add Entry”. To edit each room in a room category, the combinations need to be edited again after saving by clicking on the pen symbol.

All the rooms in this room category are listed after the first time “saving”. Choose with the check box which room you would like to sell via the interface during the given time period.
Occupancies given in the right fill-in field (comma separated) are not available online for the selected room.
The example above shows 6 beds dorms (A6) and 8 beds dorms (A8). The 8 beds dorms have 5,6 mentioned in the setting field which means they cannot be sold as 5 or 6 beds private rooms.

The overview shows the rooms available for sale through this interface. The configurations unavailable for sale are indicated in brackets.
In the example no room from the “Single (with DW)” category is sold. In this case, the page for this combination of portal/room category should not be created (contrary to the example).